Where to buy Australia Made hand dispensers during Covid-19

Buying products that are locally designed and manufactured has been a rising trend for years— even before we had the first-hand experience of a global pandemic. But now, after Covid-19 disrupted economies and supply chains all over the world, thinking local has become a must-do. 

Why is it more important than ever to buy products that are Aussie-made through and through? And what benefits do you get out of it?

Why buying Australian-made hand dispensers matters.

Consumer research conducted in 2018 showed that, even before Covid-19 changed our world, nine out of ten Australians preferred to buy nationally made products when given a choice. The key, long-standing reasons to buy local: 

  • High-quality products that are more durable and traceable.
  • Environmental sustainability and accountability throughout the supply chain.
  • Supporting ethical labour practices, Aussie workers, and communities.

All these factors are still valid in 2020— and now we can add what we’ve learned from the pandemic. We know that international supply chains can easily get disrupted and that our economy should become stronger to reduce the impact of ongoing international crises.

Supporting Australian-made products accomplishes just that. It guarantees access to quality products and builds a resilient community that can bounce back from adversity through accountable ethics, fair labour, and job creation.

Safety, Ethics, and Excellence.

As we focus on taking care of each other and reconstructing a thriving, sustainable future, we need to find the best ways to comply with safety regulations. This becomes crucial when it comes to responsible sanitisation that protects our communities, families, and workers.

How to marry functionality, safety, and community ethics? By prioritising Australian-designed and made sanitation products that provide true quality, guaranteed durability, and environmental responsibility.

In the realm of health, you can choose a product like Aspect Sanitisation’s sterile Hands-Free Sanitation Dispenser.

Designed and manufactured entirely within Australia, it prioritises product safety by using a functional hands-free design and food-grade stainless steel of the highest quality. Besides being more durable than the other sanitation options on the market, it’s ethically produced and eco-friendly (long-lasting, no batteries). Plus, it can be customised to become a branding opportunity that also protects your local community.

But doesn’t the focus on quality, fair labour practices, and sustainability make Australian-made products more expensive? There are two factors to consider:

  • The initial cost might be higher but the higher quality of the product means it’ll last much longer and function better. Many Australian products (like this hands-free sanitiser) also offer a 24-month warranty—  the ongoing cost will be much lower.
  • The Australian government supports companies’ efforts to stay in business, keep their employees, and comply with sanitation regulations. The goal is to protect the community while reactivating the economy. Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales all offer grants that your business can access.

Buy locally, grow collectively.

Buying Australian-made products funnels resources back into the community. It also benefits your business by guaranteeing higher-quality, longer-lasting products that keep you safe. And, of course, it protects the environment from fast-discarded products and shipment emissions.

When we buy local, we are investing in a thriving, healthy future together.